The surprising wood watches for couple !

The surprising wood watches for couple !

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The surprising wood watch for couple is a concept than Toketake invented to ship to your door a watch fitting your desire.

Let us ship to you the chosen one, following your request, and letting you have a frisson of excitement, and, at end, enjoying a beautiful and unique product.

What kind of couple are you ? 

The ying and the yang, you are the fire, she/he is the ice. The perfect complementarity. 

The identique,  you have the same tastes, you share the same things, we don't really know if you are one or two. 

Note, if you want two models for men, or women, depending on your sexuality, let us a note when you order. 

Pure Zen

The pure zen models are characterized by their brightness, a pure wood is used to produce them.

Ethnic Chic

The Ethnic chic models brings colors to your watch.

Dark wood

The dark wood model are characterized by their dark colors.


The classy model are produced to be wore during any events of your social life. Thanks to this model you can show off yourself in society, social events and hangout all night. 


The Nature model are considered to be closer with the hippy movement. Simple or complex, they match perfectly with your large clothes and your ethnic unique style.


The original model are very unique model, strange or complex, by selecting them you take the risk to receive a model than you would never buy by yourself in everyday life. Anyway, you will love it. 

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