Moon Lamp Japanese Interior design

Moon Lamp Japanese Interior design

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The Moon Lamp Japanese interior design 15 cm, or moon lamp, is a very unique gift for interior decoration aestheticism and portrait photographers.

"To aim the moon is not a fantasy anymore. "

Unique on TOKETAKE.

The moon lamp coming with a wooden support and wooden box in 6 different sizes : 8 cm, 9 cm, 10 cm, 12 cm, 15 cm, and 18 cm.

2 different colors in one lamp to vary your lightning pleasure. White and Yellow.

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Limited quantity

Produce from a 3D layers high technology.

How to charge the lamp ?
Via a USB, provided, and a fixation on the lamp. Battery : 400 mhA lithium battery ( 180 mhA for small size) long term lightning.
Colours : 2 colors LED in each lamp : White and Yellow with different light intensity levels. (as show below) White and yellow light intensity.

Wooden support.

An history of moon in Asia.

Asian people uses the lunar calendar to celebrate every year their new year. It's a period of long holidays where most of coastal cities of Asia get quickly crowded and also a chance to meet their whole family. During this time, major Asian cities are emptied by their numerous inhabitants coming from smaller cities or countryside. Driven by the Japanese concept of Wabisabi, than we could quickly explain by "the permanent search of simplicity in a complex manner", the lunar lamp is an exceptional "Ode to Nature". Beloved by photographers to unveil hidden beauties of their models. Beloved by lovers wishing to honor their promise to bring the moon to their love. A fascinating object of contemplation than you can now, thanks to Asia Emarket, receive to your doorstep.

If you need to know more about us and the product, feel free to drop us a line at , we will be always warm and welcoming to talk with you about Art and Design from Asia.

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